Clamp mountings

Miniature type series clamp mountings

The aluminum clamp mountings are versatile design elements in the diameter ranges 8-20 mm for round materials and 8-16 mm for square profiles. They serve not only the position adjustment of sensors, reflectors and the like, but are by a variety of designs and bore diameters real problem solvers in mechanical and jig construction. These precision parts made of high-strength aluminum guarantee extremely high stability of the clamping, even with strong vibrations. The clamping is largely independent of temperature and environmental influences, so it is no readjustment required.

For exceptionally high stability requirements, square profiles can be used which provide positive locking against twisting.

The clamp mounting assortment comes with entirely new designs, such as a rotatable cross-clamp holder or a mounting clamp holder with threaded mounting.

As additional accessories we recommend holding rods / holding tubes, flange bolts, sensor holders / holding plates and stainless steel clamping levers for easy adjustment.

The following types are available as standard parts with matt grinded or black anodized surface.