Mat-Top Conveyor

Aluminum or INOX, straight or bend transport, modular or complete system

The Mat-Top Conveyor offers your company the benefits of a readily extendable conveyor system, fast delivery times and a reliable partner. Furthermore, it enables you to contribute to a sustainable economy. Opt for implementation of a system that will remain operable for many years to come.

  • Quick delivery time and implementation
  • Silent motors
  • Cost-saving
  • High reliability
Additional information


  • straight and bend transport
  • available in widths 232-651 mm
  • maximum load: 350 kg
  • maximum runway length: 30 m
  • maximum track speed: 60 m/min
  • maximum product weight: 30 kg
  • available in aluminum or INOX


  • straight transport
  • available in widths: 160-1230 mm
  • maximum load: 250 kg
  • maximum runway length: 25 m
  • maximum track speed: 50 m/min
  • max. runway length at center drive: 15 m
  • available in aluminum or INOX