Aluminium Sensor Holders


Aluminum sensor holders are universal elements for mounting sensors as simple and stable fixture, available in the diameter ranges: 12-18 mm and 20-30 mm, in conjunction with protected wiring within the tube system.

These one-piece components are manufactured from strap clamp connectors and can be used directly on tubes or shafts or as joints clamps in any combination.

The one-piece components with clamping slots develop an extremely stable and precise connection between tube and bore hole due to mechanically machined holes!
The following series and diameters are available as standard parts with slide grinded or sandblasted surface, furthermore all parts can be delivered black powder coated, polished or anodized.

Diameters for round tubes.

One-piece design of
Compact series:
12, 14, 15, 16, 18 mm.
Standard series:
20, 25, 30 mm
SHA without tube holder, sensor holder parallel to base plate, with 2 resp. 4 mounting holes.
SHB Through hole in the same direction as sensor holder.
SHC Tube holder as blind bore.
SHD Through hole 90° offset to the sensor holder.